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Clinical and Morphological Characteristics of Skin Melanoma: a 5 Year Retrospective Study

Mufid Burgic, Adi Rifatbegovic, Nermina Hadzigrahic, Emir Halilbasic, Eldar Brkic, Musfaha Burgic


Introduction: Melanoma is a malignant tumor of melanocytes and it is the most malignant tumor of skin and mucous membranes. We do not have any data about incidence and characteristics of skin melanoma in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Aim: We aimed to analyze hospital records on skin melanoma cases from the region of Tuzla during the 5-year period in order to obtain preliminary data about melanoma incidence and clinical characteristics. Patients and methods: This retrospective study included all patients surgically treated at the University Clinical Center Tuzla, from January 2001 to December 2005, who were initially diagnosed with skin melanoma. Results: Most of pathologically verified skin melanoma, disregarding primary tumor (T), were presented in both genders at stage T4 (41.67 %) and T2 (28.33 %). Histological analysis showed that the majority of observed skin melanoma were diagnosed in Clark level III (36.36 %) and Clark level IV (33.33 %) stage. The average tumor thickness of the examined sample, according to Breslow’s classification, was found to be over than 4.0 mm. Conclusion: Our findings are similar to those reported in other countries in the region. Further studies are necessary in order to asses the burden of the disease in the national level. A national melanoma register is of great importance for further surveilance.


Skin melanoma, Clark, Breslow

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DOI: 10.5457/ams.v39i1.84