Assessment of Quality of Life in Patients with Heart Failure in Relation to Severity of the Clinical Features

Sadat Kurtalic, Fahir Barakovi?, Zumreta Kušljugi?, Farid Ljuca, Midhat Tabakovi?, Dženan Halilovi?


BACKGROUND: Heart failure is a common disease that requires frequent and long hospitalizations, the active participation of health workers and family members in the care of such patients, and it leads to reduction of physical activity and lifestyle changes with the patient, which significantly affects the quality of life of patients with heart failure. OBJECTIVE: To determine the quality of life of patients with heart failure in relation to severity of the clinical features. RESPONDENTS AND METHODOLOGY: Analysis of life quality was performed for 120 patients suffering from heart failure, both genders, all age groups in relation to severity of the clinical features. Patients were divided into 4 groups according to NYHA classification of heart failure. The control group consisted of 10 subjects who do not suffer from heart failure. Assessment of quality of life was performed using the SF-36 questionnaire which consists of 8 segments classified in the dimension of physical and mental health. RESULTS: Study group consisted of 130 participants with heart failure had 66 (51%) of male, and other were females, divided into 4 NYHA groups, where every group had 30 subjects (23.1%), and one control group of 10 subjects (7.7%). The analysis of gender and age distribution within the groups found no statistically significant difference (X2=1.70; df=4; p=0.79), (ANOVA; F=0.74; p=0.57). The values of SF-36 score expressed as the median in the control and 4 NYHA groups were decreasing as the functional class progressed. The Spearman Correlation Coefficient showed that there is a strong negative correlation between the scores of SF 36 (total, segments and dimensions) and heart failure expressed through the NYHA classes. CONCLUSION: Quality of life in patients with heart failure was exacerbated and associated with severity of the clinical features.


heart failure, quality of life, SF-36 questionnaire

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DOI: 10.5457/ams.v40i1.216