Absence of musculocutanous nerve and its distribution taken over by the lateral cord of brachial plexus, median nerve and radial nerve

Mohandas KG Rao, Nagabhooshana Somayaji, Narendiran Krishnasamy


Variations in the musculocutaneous nerve are very common. But, the absence of the nerve is rare. One such case of absence of musculocutaneous nerve which was observed in a male cadaver during routine dissection is reported here. In the present case there was total absence of a normal musculocutaneous nerve. The coracobrachialis which is normally supplied by the musculocutaneous nerve was innervated by a direct branch of lateral cord of brachial plexus, whereas biceps brachii and brachialis are supplied by branches from the lateral aspect of median nerve. Lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm was arising from the lateral aspect of median nerve in common with nerve to brachialis and was partly supplying the area of innervation of a normal lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm. The remaining of its area was supplied by the posterior cutaneous nerve of forearm, a branch of radial nerve. Further, a detailed literature review about the case was done and the surgical and clinical importance of the case was discussed.


musculocutaneous nerve; lateral cord of brachial plexus; median nerve; radial nerve; anatomical variations; lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm

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DOI: 10.5457/ams.v40i2.167