Alma Meki?-Abazovi?, Hakija Bečuli?, Senad Dervisevic


Neuroendocrine cancer of the gallbladder is extremely rare. According to published literature data is less than ten cases in the world.  We presented a case with neuroendocrine cancer which was underwent cholecystectomy and lymphadenectomy along hepatoduodenal ligament. Clinical and radiological examination showed gallbladder calculosis. Macroscopic gallbladder and significant lymphnodes in hepatoduodenal ligament indicated malignancy. Histopatological analysis showed neurondocrine cancer. We indicated extended diagnostic which included magnetic resonance imaging of abdomen and pelvis, esophagogastroduodenoscopy, lung radiography, octreo scan, 5-octene hydroxiindol acid, gastrin, somatostatin, cortisol, chromogranin A, tumour markers CA 19-9, CEA and alkaline phosphatase. However, the patient deteriorated in very short time. Because the patient had a signs of billiary obstruction and high level of billirubin billiary stent was placed. After several days the patient died.


cholecystectomy, neuroendocrine cancer of the gallbladder

DOI: 10.5457/ams.v41i2.284