Adnan Kamenjasevic, Nihad Mesanovic



Aim of research: The satisfaction of proffering radiological health care contributes to the improvement and quality of health care in health care institutions, especially in the extraordinary situations, such as the viral Coronavirus disease infection where patients are being treated under special conditions. Very often, the problem regarding the understanding among the patients and the healthcare workers can occur. The primary purpose of the research is to determine the contentment of infected Covid-19 patients with the provided service of the radiological diagnostics department as well as the healthcare workers and medical radiology engineers.

Materials and methods: The study was conducted at the Public Health Institution „Br?ko District Health Center“( Dispensary for lung diseases) and TBC (ATD). The number of participants was 700 (n=700). The research was conducted during the months of May, June and July (2020.). The questionnaire consisted of 19 questions, , six of which regarded the sociodemographic information, and the remaining 13 research questions were done according to a Likert-type scale (1- strongly disagree, 2- disagree, 3- neither agree nor disagree, 4- agree, 5- strongly agree). Laschinger's customized and standardized questionnaire called HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems), a questionnaire about the patient's contentment with the quality of health care, was used for the purpose of research analysis (1). The Pearson correlation coefficient and the ANOVA test were used for statistical data processing.

Results: The given results have shown that the patients rated the quality of health care with a number 4 which indicates that they are satisfied with the provided quality. When asked about level of adequate care during their imaging, patients were less satisfied with nurses and technicians in comparison to the medical radiology engineers.

Conclusion: The obtained results can contribute to a better understanding of patients as well as the improvement of health systems in the form of new health care reforms, as well as to make progress in educating health workers how to communicate with patients.

Key words: SARS-CoV-2 virus, radiological diagnostics, satisfaction with the provided health care, quality of health care.


Keywords:SARS-CoV-2 virus, radiological diagnostics, satisfaction with the provided health care, quality of health care.

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DOI: 10.5457/ams.v52i1-2.650