Kidney cell carcinoma – enucleation and standard nefrectomy in the treatment of bilateral malignant kidney tumors

Samed Jagodic, Rasim Agic, Amel Mujic, Ammar Brkic


Introduction: The golden standard in surgery is the one that spares most of the kidney tissue.
Objective: Show a case of a bilateral kidney tumor that has been treated in our medical facility in which we used two surgical procedures to succesfully treat a bilateral kidney tumor.
A case report: We are reporting about a case of a bilateral  kidney tumor that has been proprely treated using a successful surgical procedure, in a way which the lifespan of the patient has been prolonged, but also their quality of life has been improved without a use of supported medical treatments.


bilateral malignant kidney tumor, surgery that spares kidney tissue.

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DOI: 10.5457/ams.v52i1-2.649