Spontaneous hemorrhage in severe forms of Covid 19 infections

Fuad Pasic, Haris Elezovic, Maid Omerovic, Amela Pasic


Background: This research paper is an expression of a desire to view COVID 19 from the perspective of a spontaneous hemorrhage induced on different organ systems. Introduction of a stratified approach to the problem of hemorrhage has become an imperative in medical treatment.

Aim: To determine the real figure of spontaneous hemorrhage cases in severe forms of infections caused by Covid 19.

Material and methods: The research included 745 patients that suffered from severe forms of infections caused by Covid 19 who were treated in a Respiratory clinic in Tuzla University Clinical Center during 2020 and 2021. The spontaneous hemorrhage was determined on the grounds of laboratory parameters of blood counts and CRP, hemodynamic monitoring of TA and pulse, and CT imagining diagnostic technique.

Results: The study presents information about the medical treatment outcome in the case of 5 patients (0,67%) who experienced spontaneous hemorrhage as a part of Covid 19 infection in relation to the total number of 745 patients who were treated during that period in the Respiratory clinic as Covid patients with severe forms of infection. Out of 5 patients who acquired spontaneous hemorrhage 3 were operated. For 4 patients the outcome was lethal. One of the female patients who was in the group of those who were not operated and who had undergone a conservative treatment has survived. In our group of analyzed patients two patients suffered from the hematoma of the front abdominal wall, two had retroperitoneal hematoma and one patient acquired hemorrhage in the abdomen and thoracic with the developing DIC.

Conclusion: Relatively low percentage of cases developing spontaneous hemorrhage 5 (0, 67%) but relatively high mortality rate in the cases where it did occur, 4 out of 5 monitored patients, requires certain suggestions that are being presented in this study as to how to approach the cases of spontaneous hemorrhage in the severe forms of Covid 19 infections in more consistent manner in order to improve the outcome of the medical treatment of these cases.


Covid 19, abdominal, spontaneous hemorrhage

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DOI: 10.5457/ams.v52i1-2.633