Mitra Mirkovi?-Hajdukov, Tamara Efendi?-Spahi?, Avdo ŠakuÅ¡i?, Elvir Be?irovi?, Rusmir Softi?, Suljo Kuni?



Introduction: The abuse of psychoactive substances among the younger population in the post-war period in BiH has significantly increased, which is equivalent to the increase in the number of opiate addicts (heroin) included in the addiction treatment program.

Aim: To determine whether there is a difference in the personality characteristics of heroin addicts and non-users of psychoactive substances.

Sample and methods: The total sample in this study consisted of 297 subjects, of which 155 subjects of the clinical group, heroin addicts and 142 subjects of the non-clinical group, students, where the average age of the subjects of the clinical group was 30.85 ± 4.44 years while the average the age of the subjects of the non-clinical group was 21.75 ± 1.93 years. When it comes to the structure of the sample according to gender, the sample consisted of 271 men (142 in the clinical and 129 in the non-clinical group) and 26 women (13 in the clinical and 13 in the non-clinical group).

The sample was tested using a semi-projective PIE personality test (Emotional Profile Index). In order to determine and verify the difference in the obtained measurement values in the subjects of the clinical and non-clinical group, the Mann-Whitney U test was used for two independent samples.

Results: The results of the research showed that addicts show more significant depressive characteristics in relation to the group of independent people. Dimension Deprivation is the most pronounced characteristic of heroin addicts (MW = 8452; P = 0.001).

Conclusion: People with depressive personality traits are more prone to consuming and abusing psychoactive substances, and depression is the most common mental disorder that is in comorbidity with heroin addiction.

Key words: heroin addiction, personality characteristics, depression,


heroin addiction, personality characteristics, depression,

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DOI: 10.5457/ams.v51i1-2.581