Attitudes on vaccination among Portuguese travelers and Brazilian migrans: A pilot study in Portugal

Ricardo Igreja, Katy Barros, Rosa Teodosio


Introduction: Anti-vaccination movements exist in Europe and it may reduce adherence to international vaccination.

Objectives:To evaluate attitudes on vaccination among Portuguese travelers and Brazilian migrants in Portugal.

Material and Methods:Between May and June 2019 a cross-sectional survey was carried out in the Travel Clinic of the Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine of Lisbon. A self-administered questionnaire was applied after medical consultation. Travelers were asked about their attitudes to vaccines. An anonymous web-based survey was sent to Brazilian migrants living in Portugal for at least 6 months.

Results: 55 Portuguese (P) travelers and 22 Brazilian (B) migrants answered the questionnaire. 47.3% of Portuguese travelers were male; the mean age was 33 years; reason for travel: tourism (43.6%) or business (30.9%). 31.8% of Brazilian migrants were male and the mean age was 44 years; 71.4% were living in Portugal for ≤ 2 years. Attitudes towards vaccines: 64.8% P and 68.2% B prefer to vaccine even when the risk of acquire a disease is low; 64.1% P and 95.5% B consider that the resistance acquired by disease is better than resistance acquired by vaccine; 75.5% P and 77.3% B prefer to vaccine even when diseases are not severe; 5.6% P and 13.6% B don’t take vaccines because they are afraid of side effects.About the reasons to accept a vaccine, travelers/migrants consider very important to trust in the doctor (100% P, 95.4% B), and the excellent protective effect of a vaccine (98.1% P, 90.9% B).

Conclusions: Portuguese travelers and Brazilian migrants in Portugal seem to have a favorable attitude towards vaccination, despite the anti-vaccination movements in Europe. They believe that trust in the doctor and excellent protection of the vaccines are reasons to accept it. The quality of traveler's advice may maintain/increase adherence to vaccination.



Travel Medicine, Vaccine, Attitudes

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DOI: 10.5457/ams.v49i2.515