Application of dendrimers and quantum dots in cancer diagnosis and therapy

Emir Horozi?


The use of nanotechnology in the diagnosis of diseases, treatment and monitoring of cancer patients has become a subject of study for the last 20 years. This paper presents brief overview of general characteristics, synthesis and application of dendrimers and quantum points in oncology. Dendrimers and quantum dots are nanostructures whose application in oncology is still being examined. QDs are used in magnetic resonance, wherein very well detect the location of tumor. Dendrimers are intensively tested, especially in cancer therapy. Dendrimers are intensively tested, especially in cancer therapy, because, due to their extremely small dimensions, they have the ability to pass through the mucous barriers and vascular pores, enabling safe delivery of the drug to the tumor cells.


QDs, dendrimers, cancer, nanomedicine, drug delivery

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DOI: 10.5457/ams.v48i1-2.450