Restless legs syndrome during pregnancy and early puerperal period in women of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Igor Hudić, Zlatko Ercegović, Lejla Kamerić, Azra Hadžimehmedović, Lejla Mešalić, Larisa Dizdarević Hudić, Ema Kačar, Asja Muratović


Objective: To investigate the prevalence of restless legs syndrome (RLS) during pregnancy and early postpartal period among Bosnian women and to identify factors associated with RLS during pregnancy.

Methods: A total of 1282 pregnant women reporting to the clinic for the first time were interviewed. Only those patients who prenatally met the RLS criteria were reinterviewed four to seven days postpartum.

Results: A total of 291 (22.7%) participants reported RLS during pregnancy (7.2% during first, 42.2% during second and 50.6% during third trimester - first and second trimesters: p<.05; first and third trimesters: p<.05; second and third trimesters: p>.05). Multiparity was more common among women with RLS (p<.0.05). 53 patients (10.7%) met all four RLS diagnostic criteria after their delivery.

Conclusion: RLS prevalence during pregnancy was 22.7%, more than a half of which exhibited symptoms during their third trimester. Multiparity was an independent risk factor of RLS occurrence in pregnancy.


RLS, pregnancy, early postpartal period

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DOI: 10.5457/ams.v50i1-2.551