Prevalence of oral health in the area of Tuzla City

Mirjana Duspara, Maida Mulić, Azra Kurtić, Amela Tučić



Caries is the most widespread oral desease of all age groups, the main oral-health problem as well as the leading cause of teeth loss. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a huge prevalence of caries patients in comparison with a significant decline in developed countries. Postwar state period, inadequate nutrition and neglected care of oral health have reflected on oral health of children in Tuzla City.

Aim: to determine prevalence of oral health of children of different age groups in the area of Tuzla City.

Methods: physical checkup and education have encompassed 5452 children of different age groups in the period from 2011 to 2017 (5098 of six- year- olds, 114 twelve-year-olds, 120 fifteen-year-olds and 120 eighteen-year-olds). Physical checkups were done in dental practices of Public Health Scientific Institution (hereinafter PHSI) Medical Center Tuzla, children's department, with a dental probe and mirror. CES (caries, extraction, sealed teeth- permanent) and CES (caries, extraction, sealed teeth- dairy) were calculated on the basis of 100 checkups. During the same period there were educations for pregnant women in the first and last quarter of pregnancy organized within the school for pregnant women of the Women Dispensary of PHSI Medical Center Tuzla.

Outcomes: the research determined the value of CES index of diary teeth for six-year-olds (6,41) in 2011 that was decreased in 2017 (5,19) what indicates a good effect of educative lectures. CES index of tvelwe-year-olds in 2017 was 3,2. The research proved that high school children (15-year-olds) have a high CES index (8,3) in year 2013/14 and the same group of examinees as graduates (18-year-olds) in 2016/17 had CES index of 7,73.

Conclusion: CES of the examinees had very high values, far from the aim of the World Health Organization (1,5).

Programs and activities of oral health promotion of the Dental Service of PHSI Medical Center Tuzla have made changes, warned of the importance of preventive action as well as triggered revitalization of preventive detal protection for preschool and school population of Tuzla City.



caries, CES/ces index, physical checkup, education, Tuzla

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DOI: 10.5457/ams.v49i2.495