Prevalence of high C - reactive protein in rheumatic and infectious diseases

Nedim Tokić, Jasmina Bišćević-Tokić


C - reactive protein is an important diagnostic tool for rheumatic and infectious diseases. It is known in laboratory diagnosis as the most studied plasma protein that serves as a marker of inflammation, which is an important indicator in inflammation, tissue necrosis or trauma. The aim is to determine the total number of patients, hospitalized at the Clinic for heart disease and rheumatism, rheumatic diseases who have elevated CRP and a number of hospitalized patients with elevated CRP at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, the most common rheumatic and infectious diseases with elevated value of C-reactive protein, and the value of CRP in these diseases.The study was conducted on 120 patients with infectious and rheumatic diseases conducted at the Clinic for heart disease and rheumatism and the Clinic for Infectious Diseases KCUS. It is a retrospective study, which is based on the observation and analysis of relevant variables. Patients who were included in the study were selected by random sampling method. We used medical records of hospitalized patients suffering from the disease. Criteria for inclusion in the study were patients who were suffering from rheumatic and infectious diseases, all ages and ages, and elevated levels of C-reactive protein in the laboratory. Criteria for exclusion from the study were other diseases with elevated CRP levels, which are not infectious and rheumatic occurrences and patients who did not have the laboratory analysis of the value of CRP. Of the 120 patients studied, 44 (36.7%) patients were male and 76 (63.3%) females. Since then the clinic for heart disease and rheumatism were 48 women and 12 men, and the Clinic for Infectious Diseases 28 patients were female and 32 are male. Analyzing CRP in rheumatic disease in 40 (67%) patients found elevated CRP, while in 20 (33%) patients determined normal value of CRP. Analyzing C-reactive protein in infectious diseases should be noted that 50 (83%) patients elevated CRP, while in 10 (17%) patients appeared normal CRP levels. The most common rheumatic disease in this study is RA, while leading gastroenteritis disease in infectious diseases. Mean CRP in patients with rheumatic diseases is 19.55 mg / l, while in infectious diseases was 79.55 mg / l.



C-reactive protein, rheumatic and infectious diseases

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DOI: 10.5457/ams.v45i1-2.390